Devin Fletcher Wake Forest accident, obituary: Devin Fletcher death

Devin Fletcher Wake forest accident, obituary: Devin Fletcher death happened 14th May 2020 after the 20 year old got involved in a tragic motorcycle accident. 

Devin Fletcher motorcycle accident NC: Devin Fletcher obituary

Devin Fletcher motorcycle accident happened near the intersection of Zebulon and Fowler roads shortly before 7 p.m. .

The North Carolina State Highway Patrol said that Devin Fletcher Wake Forest was heading south on Fowler Road when he stopped, and attempted to turn right. He, instead, pulled out in front of a pickup truck hauling a trailer that was going west on Zebulon Road.

Devin Fletcher died at the scene.

Please say a prayer for the family and friends as you read the tributes below.

May 14,2020 7:40 pm I got the worst news. I lost my other half. The one who’s been there for me since Day one.

I no longer get to share my birthday with you. It’s no longer going to be special day for me knowing that your not there to celebrate it with me. He would always have my back.

Devin would try to crack you up just because that is who he is. He always knew how to make people smile. I don’t have the words to way I feel like right now.

I just want one more hug. I just want one more time to go just go to Walmart with you cause you need to go there for mom and dad. It doesn’t feel real.

I miss you already Devin miss you a lot. Rest In Peace.

Prayers for the Fletcher family and Journey Church Fam. An Angel gained his wings yesterday, Devin Fletcher. One of the sweetest, most brightest smile-having kids you would ever meet.

While we were there for 12 years, we watched this kid grow into a great young man. He has great parents, awesome friends… you never had to worry about this kid or his friends doing anything that you wouldn’t want your own boys to emulate.

So sad and very sorry for his loss. Prayers to the Fletcher family and all of Devin‘s friends.
💔 Psalm 34:18

He was kind, that Devin Fletcher.

Without fail, any time our paths crossed at church, this young man would flash a genuine smile so bright with a warm greeting of, “Hello, Ms. Patience! Good to see you!” He’d offer a strong hug with the sincerity of a younger brother and a high five to my kids in tow. Many times, it would come on a weary Sunday, a gift of welcome and belonging that spoke of family and community, of El Roi and shalom. He’d walk away grinning, unaware that he had just been God’s tangible grace to me.

And I never thanked him for it, assuming as we all did that another Sunday, another smile and hug would surely come.

Devin Fletcher touched my life. He was kind, generous of spirit and joyful. A rare young man who lit any room he entered with the radiant glow of His Savior’s love within. 20 years young when ushered from time into eternity.

Thank you, Devin. In this heart and home, you will never, ever be forgotten.

Devin Fletcher Wake Forest accident, obituary, funeral arrangement, any Gofundme page?

Devin Fletcher obituary is not available at this time. We will share updates when confirmed and released and as we learn more.

Our deepest condolences and sympathy during this difficult time.

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