Fred Abrams Accident – Death | Dead – Cause Of Death | Obituary

Fred Abrams death, obituary: Fred Abrams died after a tragic car accident in Italy.

Fred Abrams death - dead, obituary: Airmen Fred Adams car accident

His heartbroken grandmother announced Fred Abrams death in a heartbreaking post on Facebook that read:

My heart has been broken into many pieces. My grandson, Fred Abrams, was killed in a car accident in Italy. I am numb, I am mad, I hurt, just to lose my first child, my grandson. Please keep his mother and the family in prayer. I do thank God for the time he gave me to be with Fred.

Please say a prayer for his family and friends mourning Fred Adams death as you read the tributes below. They are beyond devastated.

With heads held low and flags at half staff we need to announce another Airmen has passed. RIP Airmen Fred Abrams , we have your watch from here ..

RIP Airmen for now your home , in the arms of our dear Lord, the watch you keep , will carry on .
We stand , we weep, your dog tags your mom will keep.

Fred Im broken, Im hurt, I can’t pull myself together. I’d never thought this would happen.

I’ve been crying non stop can’t sleep I can’t eat I just wish you was still here. If I knew yesterday was the last time I’d be able to talk to you I promise it would’ve went differently. I’m sorry for all the attitude , my smart mouth and all the stupid arguments that we had.

I’m sorry. I could be mad at you but I couldn’t resist from talking to you. You accepted me for who i am and all my flaws. You’d light up any room you walked in.

April 15 was the first time we actually said I love you to one another and never stopped using them. We was getting our stuff together.

You was so excited when you got your Car and I was so happy for you and Now I wish you never got it.

May 14 was the last time I got to hear your voice and you said you’d call me back later that night. I’m never getting that call. I keep calling and you won’t pick up the phone.

I’m hurt. I dont want to believe that your gone but I keep calling your phone knowing that there will be no answer but I just want to hear your voice one more time. Maybe you’ll pick up just one more time. Please. I really don’t want to blame God but God needed you more than me. I just want you here.

We were suppose to get married and start a family. Thats never happening now. I was so excited for you to come back to the states in October, i shouldn’t had listened and just came to Italy to see you.

I don’t know what to do and I don’t want to accept that your gone because you’ll never be gone in my heart. I love you and I will forever love you.

Heaven gained another angel and I can’t wait to see you again Kermit. Fred Abrams

I don’t like making post like this, most times I refuse but you my boy. Man my heart is so heavy right now you were raised like my brother and we fought accordingly.

The family trip to Orlando was bomb and imma hold memories like that dear. Imma miss you getting on my nerves.

Fred Abrams part of me wants to delete this post because writing this posting this means I’ve accepted it and I’m not ready to accept no more Sunday dinners, no more petty fights, no more Group FaceTime’s with the fam.

My little cousin who grew to be my little brother

Bruh this is not something I wanted to wake up and see on Facebook. First Tank now you like wtf is going on this year.

Man Fred Abrams I’m going to miss you. You was one of the first people I became friends with when I first came to Spencer. Then we ended going to State together before you joined the Air Force.

I wish this wasn’t that kind of post but I love you Fred and you will truly be missed. R.I.P 😔💔

Fred Abrams death, accident, obituary, funeral arrangement:

Fred Abrams obituary is not available at this time. We will share updates when confirmed and released and as we learn more.

Our deepest condolences and sympathy during this difficult time.

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