Didi Kempot cause of death – dead, obituary: How Didi Kempot died

Didi Kempot cause of death – dead, obituary, cause of death: 53 year old singer Didi Prasetyo alias Didi Kempot died May 5, 2020 after he was rushed to Kasih Ibu Hospital, Solo in an emergency.

Didi Kempot death - dead, obituary: How Didi Kempot died

According to the Assistant Manager of Public Relations at Kasih Ibu Hospital:

“At 7.25 [coming in] the emergency room came in a state of cardiac arrest, help was given to the maximum, but it was not helped. The deceased was declared dead at 07.45 WIB.”

Didi Kempot cause of death – dead, obituary, burial, funeral plan: How Didi Kempot died

How Didi Prasetyo alias Didi Kempot died is not exactly known at this time.

“The patient’s sick history is the responsibility of the family of the deceased,” Divan added.

at the time of writing this report, the time and location of 53-year-old singer Didi Kempot burial site is unknown.

In a KOMPASTV show, biological brother Didi Kempot, Lilik said his younger brother was still in the morgue of Kasih Ibu Hospital.

Lilik megaku doesn’t know when and where Didi Kempot will be buried because he still has to discuss with family.

“Not miss, family meeting first,” said Lilik.

When asked about the history of the disease, Lilik said that his younger brother did not have any history.

Meanwhile, Solo Mayor FX Hadi Rudyatmo said he was surprised by the death of Didi Kempot.

Rudy admitted yesterday afternoon he still made a phone call with Didi Kempot .

Rudy also expressed his deep sorrow over the death of Didi Kempot .

“I express my deep sorrow,” he said.

Before it was rumored to have died, Didi Kempot had actually prepared to release the song Kapusan Janji which was sung with Yuni Shara.

Yuni Shara through in a video on his YouTube channel stated that this was his project with Didi Kempot.

Didi Kempot is a campursari singer from Solo, Central Java.

Didi also previously received many nicknames from his fans.

Among these, he is often nicknamed Mr. Loro Ati Nasional, Mr. Patah Hati Indonesia, Lord Didi, and most recently touted as the Godfather of Brokenheart.

From the family tree, Didi Kempot is the son of a famous comedian.

Namely the late Ranto Edi Gudel or better known as Mbah Ranto.

Didi is also the younger brother of one of the senior comedians Srimulat, the late Mamik Pondang.

But before becoming famous as now, Didi began his career as a busker.

He began his steps in the music world as a street musician from 1984 to 1989.

Since then, Didi has composed several songs.

Until finally he was determined to move to Jakarta and hoped the song would be glimpsed by the producer.

The songs by Didi Kempot mostly revolve around sadness, love, and also heartbreak.

This makes the people who listen to the song, join in their hearts.

That is the reason Didi Kempot was nicknamed Mr. Patah Hati Nasional from his fans called friend ambyar.

In 2019, Didi’s song entitled “Showing off Bojo” which had been released since 2016 again skyrocketed in the world of music in the country.

Not only consists of adults, but young people are now also fans of the songs of this man born December 31, 1966.

See Didi Kempot last social media post before his death:

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

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