Ellie Morad missing child scam: Who is the real Ellie Morad?

Ellie Morad missing 12 year old child scam: A Facebook account that shared video claiming sister Ellie Morad is missing has been revealed to be a scam and the public is warned against clicking it.

This is because the link connected to the video will require users to sign into their Facebook account and through that means, their details will be stolen. Read the warnings below:

NEIGHBOURHOOD UPDATE: 28.03.21 MISSING CHILD SCAM – There is a Facebook post around claiming that ‘12 year old Elie Morad’ has been snatched and is missing.

There is a link connecting to a video. It requires the user to sign in to your Facebook Acct. Your details will be stolen. Please be vigilant.

Ellie is not a real person. We found no official records from the police or government or family that identified a real person named Ellie who went missing.

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