Gary Swartz missing: Gary Swartz found dead – what happened?

Gary Swartz missing: Gary Swartz has died, hours after he was reported missing on Reddit.

Gary Swartz missing update: Gary Swartz death - dead

Gary lived around Pikesville in Baltimore County, Maryland and went missing since 2:13 Saturday after leaving for a walk. After police got involved, it was realised his car was not at the house.

A desperate plea shared on Reddit by Gary’s child read:

This is my dad Gary Swartz. He is missing and we have no family in Baltimore. He lives around Pikesville. Has anyone seen him? There is a missing persons report out. I am driving from Indianapolis to look for him.

Five hours later, Gary’s child shared a Reddit update that read:

Just found out he passed away. Thank you everyone for making an effort. I really appreciate everyone who reached out.

Gary Swartz missing update: Gary Swartz death – dead, obituary – what happened?

At this time, details surrounding Gary Swartz death, how he died are not public. And the public is asked to please respect the family’s privacy.

Please say a prayer for Gary Swartz grieving family and loved ones. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

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