Miles Armstead death Oakland CA, obituary, funeral: Jamal Adeen Thomas

Miles Armstead death Oakland CA, obituary, funeral plans: Miles Armstead, 44, was shot and killed by 43 year old Jamal Adeen Thomas while Miles was doing yardwork at his home on the 7500 block of Ney Avenue in Oakland.

Miles Armstead death happened Friday May 1 around 2 p.m.

Miles Armstead death Oakland CA, obituary: Jamal Adeen Thomas today

Police arrested Thomas that night.

Before Miles Armstead death, he was an investment banker, a wealth manager at Fremont Bank. He had three children and was expecting a child with his second wife.

Miles was a soccer coach for his kids, a parent volunteer on school field trips and a hard-working parent.

A GoFundMe page launched Miles Armstead death reads:

Yesterday (Friday, May 1, 2020) there was a senseless and tragic act of violence in our community, when Miles Armstead was shot and killed by his neighbor.

Miles leaves behind three beautiful children, and an unborn child due in August. Chloe is a sophomore at Oakland Tech High School; Quinn is a sixth grader at Edna Brewer Middle School, and Elle is a fourth grader at Glenview Elementary. Miles, his former wife Alex, and the children have been our dear friends for over 10 years. Our children have grown up together and have been the best of friends.

As with most families, life hasn’t always been easy for the Armstead family, especially after a divorce, but both Miles and Alex conducted themselves with grace, gratitude and optimism. Just recently, I had the most heartwarming conversation with Chloe about her plans for college. She was filled with enthusiasm and determination, and she was especially proud of the long discussions that she had had with both her mom and her dad about her future and the best path toward achieving her goals. What a privilege it’s been to watch tough, sensitive, bright green-eyed Chloe blossom into the most positive, confident, self-possessed young woman.

The same can be said for Quinn and Elle as well. It is hard to spot Quinn without a smile on his face. I was struck by the thought and consideration that Quinn recently gave to changing instruments in band and how he impressively planned out and practiced what he would say to his his band teacher to convey his desire. He has grown into a conscientious, mature young man. And Elle has a heart of gold. She cares about all living creatures, and though she will not hesitate to make her perspective and feelings clear, she is as sweet as they come.

It is no accident that these children are all good, caring, determined, hard-workers. Alex is a phenomenal mother and co-parent with Miles. She has devoted her entire adult life to her children. She listens to them; she understands their gifts and their faults, and she steadfastly guides them to reach their vast potential, even when that is really hard parental work. Miles has always wanted the best for his children as well and has worked hard to provide for them. It was his dream that they would all have a good life, and he was integral in making that happen. He was a passionate and devoted soccer coach of his son’s teams. If you ever attended one of their games, you might still hear Miles’ near-constant booming voice throughout the game, yelling for the players to ‘Send it!’ Miles was also a soccer referee, a parent volunteer on school field trips, and was a Wealth Management Banker at Fremont Bank.

Miles was basically the sole breadwinner for the Armsteads, and now suddenly having all three children back in her home full-time, Alex is going to need help with living expenses, as well as expenses for the children (therapy and college). Please help to support this beautiful family. No amount is too small.

Miles Armstead death Oakland CA, obituary, funeral plans: How Miles Armstead was shot and killed

Miles was gunned down Friday May 1, 2020 at the house he was trying to fix up and sell at the corner of 76th and Ney in East Oakland.

A witness who did not wish to be identified told KTVU what happened and said:

“He (Thomas) pulled a gun, Miles saw the gun, he turned around, got shot in the back of the head, hit the ground, he shot him a bunch of times.

“I was sitting in my living room, watched the whole thing. And it was Jamal – I watched him do it.”

Hours later, Oakland police arrested the suspect, Jamal Thomas, who had been evicted from a home next door to the victim’s.

Sgt. Ray Kelly, Alameda County Sheriff’s Office spokesman, said Thomas had been previously arrested in connection with making “terrorist threats” toward Armstead but he was released on his own recognizance on Feb. 28.

Kelly said he did not know why the judge decided to release Thomas.

On April 6, Thomas allegedly threw a brick at Armstead, narrowly missing him, Kelly said.

Oakland police issued an arrest warrant for Thomas in connection with the brick throw but he was not arrested until after Armstead was killed.

Kelly continued:

“It is alleged that the suspect then threw a brick through the window of the victim’s home, narrowly striking him.”

Alameda County prosecutors had charged the suspect with threatening to burn the victim’s house down back in February.

According to Councilman Loren Taylor, Miles Armstead shooting was one of a number of recent deaths in the past six weeks in District 6. Others include Jalain Dickerson, 19, Anika Crane, 32, and Henry Texada, 23.

Please say a prayer for family and loved ones mourning Miles Armstead death. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

Miles Armstead helped a countless number of lives change for the better. I was shocked to my core when I received the call to tell me my friend, my Brother was murdered. I fill I need to do my part in shining some light on one of the best men I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing

Armstead you will be missed and the world is a little darker now with you gone. To all the young men you have mentored over the years and your family may your Legacy live on long after you my friend.

See Miles Armstead GoFundMe page HERE.

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