Luke Sandoe dead – death, suicide, obituary: How Luke Sandoe died

Luke Sandoe dead – death, what killed Luke Sandoe? suicide, obituary, funeral plans: Beloved professional bodybuilder Luke Sandoe has passed away.

He was found dead in his home May 2020 by his friend and training partner James Hollingshead and his girlfriend.

Luke Sandoe death - dead, suicide, obituary: How Luke Sandoe died

Luke Sandoe cause of death, exact date of his death has not been confirmed at this time. Most reports are mentioning suicide, but let’s wait for the facts to become clear.

According to Ron Harris, the online editor for Muscular Development magazine, fans have been asked to refrain from speculating “about Luke Sandoe health conditions or anything like that”.

”Right now there is no evidence that it was related to the bodybuilding lifestyle or gear or anything like that. There’s no indication that any of that played a role in this at all.”

An update would be provided as soon as it’s available.”

Touching tributes on social media claim Luke Sandoe passed away due to an apparent suicide but this has NOT been confirmed.

Rest In Peace to Luke Sandoe. Luke was just beginning the prime of his career at the young age of 30.

It’s being reported that Luke has committed suicide which is tragic to think of. I truly hope and pray for Luke, his family, and friends during this time of tragedy.

This prob doesn’t mean anything to anyone reading this but Luke Sandoe has passed due to an apparent suicide. I’m crushed. 30 years old with a great future ahead. Didn’t know him personally but I was a huge fan/admirer and listened to him talk for hours every week.

Please say a prayer for his grieving family and friends.

Luke Sandoe death – dead, suicide, obituary, funeral arrangements: Luke Sandoe dies

Luke Sandoe death is happening 2 years after Dallas Mccarver death in August 2017.
Sandoe was the father of a daughter and a son.

Watch below Luke Sandoe last post on Instagram two days before news broke that he has passed away.

Blasting some legs today. Lying leg curl, leg extension/sissy squat super set, safety bar squats w/ chains, leg press. Did 4-5 sets per movement. This was my last set of squats and it felt awesome. No knee pain = win! 🎼🎸🥁 Stray From The Path – “The First Will Be Last” 🕺 Full session will be on the Redcon1 YouTube Friday!

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