Luke Sandoe Death – dead, suicide: Fouad Abiad releases touching tribute

Luke Sandoe death, suicide, obituary, funeral: Bodybuilding and Bollocks podcast Fouad Abiad has released a touching tribute to honour his friend Luke Sandoe death.

Fouad Abiad is heartbroken and says Luke Sandoe can never be replaced.

Luke Sandoe death, suicide: Fouad Abiad releases touching tribute

Luke Sandoe was found dead in his home May 2020 by his friend and training partner James Hollingshead and his girlfriend.

Please say a prayer for his grieving children, family and loved ones.

Luke Sandoe dead – death, suicide, obituary, funeral: Read Fouad Abiad’s tribute below:

Nobody made me laugh like the fuckin juggernaut. I am fuckin busted today.
Nothing, no one can replace Luke. I have had many friends over the years and even tho me and Luke weren’t best friends there was something about him that was just different.

We talked for two hours every week sometimes twice a week and I looked forward to every podcast.

I never once said “damn I gotta do this podcast”. I was always happy to talk to my friend who I knew was gonna have me busting up laughing.

The best part was he made everyone feel that way. Luke just had a way of speaking that allowed him to get away with murder and even tho he told you exactly what he thought of you, you still loved him afterwards.

He would take digs at me about my physique and the funny thing is it didn’t bother me at all, I knew he was a great bber, I knew he was destined to be at the very top and I was happy for him with every step closer he got.

Today fuckin sucks. I have almost 40 episodes to remember you by my friend. I am mad you are no longer here but I take comfort in knowing you are now at peace.

Here’s another touching tribute from Nick’s Strength & Power

Please Read – I guess I can post this now since everyone else had started posted about it.

Unfortunately I learned today that we have lost Luke Sandoe. Luke was a great guy. And so much more than just a bodybuilder. Luke was a great friend.

Without going into too much detail I talked to Luke when I was going through a tough time, he was one of the first people to ask me what was going on.

If you swipe left you’ll see one of the things he said to me. (He was always there if I ever needed someone to talk to)

Luke was obviously going through a tough time. I just wish he would’ve talked to me about it.

Last time I saw Luke was in Boca in November, I wish I would’ve gotten to see him at the Arnold this year but that was cancelled. You never know what someone is going through or what they are dealing with.

Luke will be missed. And I hope the world remembers him for his personality who he was, not just that he was a bodybuilder. #lukesandoe

Luke Sandoe was seen as a future Mr. Olympia by some fans. Sadly he’s died at age 30.

Most reports are mentioning suicide, but let’s wait for the facts to become clear. An authentic Luke Sandoe cause of death is yet to be released.

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