Thabang Ranaka dead: Warren Masemola Thabang Ranaka death

Thabang Ranaka dead: The Republic drama hero, Thabang Ranaka, played by Warren Masemola is dead and here’s what happened.

Thabang Ranaka dead

Thabang Ranaka death happened as the nail-biting drama series came to an end last weekend.

Warren Masemola is NOT dead. It was his character in the Republic that passed away.

Thabang Ranaka dead: How Warren Masemola Thabang Ranaka death happened

Warren starred as Thabang Manaka, a fallen hero trying to make amends for his past mistakes in The Republic drama.

About how he died, Thabang was out to save the country and, in the process, planted a bomb, but the president didn’t send a helicopter to help him.

After the drama came to an end, Warren Masemola took to Twitter to thank all those who had applauded him and his stellar performance on the drama. He wrote on Twitter:

“You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right”.

Thanking the show’s producers and behind-the-scenes departments, Warren continued:

“Thanks Tshedza Pictures for trusting me with the role, actors, directors, including the young ones in the industry. Shout out to wardrobe, lighting, art, sound and not forgetting craft.”

Watch the finale below:


Warren Masemola death: Did Warren Masemola die? NO, he’s alive!

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