Alvaneeta Nelson Death | Dead – Cause Of Death | Obituary

Alvaneeta Nelson cause of death – dead, obituary, funeral plans: Gospel artiste Alvaneeta Nelson died May 2020 at the age of 49.

Alvaneeta Nelson Death | Dead - Cause Of Death | Obituary

Loved ones shattered by the devastating news of Alvaneeta Nelson death have taken to social media to share touching tributes which all portray how wonderful Alvaneeta was.

Please say a prayer for her grieving family and loved ones as you read the tributes below:

Well I woke up to the very sad news of the death of my friend and sister…. wow many times we all stayed together during the conventions with mom Dr. Bettye Nelson….we had so many fun times with Tramelle King-Hudson clowning around and shopping…. such an anointed and beautiful person. Man this hurts to the core.

Praying for Mom Nelson, Mia Nelson-Tatum, Marquise, Aaron, Pastor Brian Randolf Nelson, the entire family.
I am totally heartbroken, numb, and somewhat in shock….. it took me a couple of hours just to compose this post……. Alvaneeta C. Nelson I just cannot process this! Lord help us…. help!

Alvaneeta Nelson death – dead, obituary, funeral, cause of death: How Alvaneeta Nelson died

At this time, details surrounding Alvaneeta Nelson cause of death is not public.

For the last several hours, I’ve been in a daze. To hear and confirm the death of two young gospel artists in the City of Houston has crossed to the other side has left me “numb”. Both Alvaneeta C. Nelson and Adrian Medearis presence will be sorely missed on Earth’s plane. I had the pleasure of serving in ministry with Adrian at two churches: Edgebrook United Methodist Church and Greater Macedonia MBC. We were also members of the Houston Gospel Announcers Guild (HGAG). …never good-bye. …till we meet again.

Rest in power and praise, Singing Saints


Alvaneeta Nelson passing is messing with me,man.!


So talented, and anointed.

It’s so much death in the world, smh. As cliche as it sounds, stay connected to the people you love. Any beef that can be squashed, kill it. Move on, and grow……life is seriously a vapor.

Death is not the end it’s a translation for the Saints of God. Alvaneeta C. Nelson you’re with our Savior now.

1 Corinthians 15:26…And the last enemy that shall be destroyed is DEATH…until then, HELP US LORD‼Rest Well Alvaneeta C. Nelson‼❤😭😭😭🙏🏾🙏🏾

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