Devin Gillispie Oklahoma death – dead, obituary: Larhonda Mitchell death

Devin Gillispie Oklahoma cause of death – dead, obituary, funeral plans: Devin Gillispie passed away suddenly May 2020.His death has caused so much pain and grief for loved ones who are also mourning Larhonda Mitchell death.

Please say a prayer for the mourning family and friends as you read the tributes below.

Larhonda Mitchell OKC death - dead, obituary: Devin Gillispie death

Today news came of the passing of a young man who only showed respect and love to me , when I was a part of his life and after I wasn’t. Devin Gillispie, you are going to be missed by many but none more than your cousins. Cory, Dantae, Christina, Latoya, Ryan, LaTonya, Kim, Alex, Tujuana, Tasha, Brian, Brandon, and so many more uplift Jeremy and all of Devin’s children. Try to mend the rift but know that falling back into bad habits would not be what he would want. Lift him up and watch over him Lord. Keep the family in your prayers 🙏. Love you nephew 💙.

How did Devin Gillispie Oklahoma die, any details about GoFundMe page, funeral plans – what happened?

At this time details about what happened to Devin Gillespie are not public

All the tributes online describe how loving Devin was and how so much he will be missed. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

RIP Devin Gillispie
He didn’t just talk it.. he walked it.
If he overheard me telling Jordan I didn’t have anymore cash to go to the concession stand, he’d immediately give him money. He’d encourage Chez, get on Chez, and show him so much love no matter what jersey the kid wore. There were so many conversations that I’ll forever hold in my heart, he was a good man, an amazing father and would literally give you the shirt off of his back. He looked out for me and my boys more times than I can count. That’s just who he was.
Please pray for his family, his babies and their families as so many of us grieve this devastating loss. ❤️

Devin Gillispie I love you, you are everything that I Admire in being a man, hard working didn’t mind getting your hands dirty,  you were a phenomenon Warrior on the football field, you showed amazing leader ship as a football coach and mentor, as a friend you didn’t have a Hating bone in your body just wanted to have a good time and most importantly a father, you showed us how to support your kids and how to motivate them and be like friends and push them in the right direction to be the best they can be and they loved to show they swag like they daddy, and man I enjoy watching every single highlight video.

I can’t tell you to rest in peace because I know you will not be able to rest until you see them kids go to college and to be successful.

This one is hard to wake up to. Coach Devin Gillispie has been apart of our lives for at least 5 years. He was great father and father figure to many young boys. Especially mine. You will truly be missed. Watch Jojo and the rest of the PCO Kings from heaven.

Condolences to the PCO KINGS Youth Football community for the passing of Devin Gillispie, dedicated coach and loving father.

Every athlete looks back on their coaches and there is always one that stands out. The coach that took them under their wing, help support them when others couldn’t be there, always pushed them to be their best and saw something in them that maybe others didn’t. Someone they could connect with. For a lot of these Kings, when they look back, you will be that coach. You will be greatly missed Coach Devin Gillispie. Prayers for everyone involved and extra prayers for your amazing kids.

Devin Gillispie Oklahoma Cause Of Death, Obituary, Funeral Arrangement, Gofundme:

Devin Gillispie obituary is not available at this time. We will share updates when confirmed and released and as we learn more.

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