Landon Belcher missing update: Missing Landon Belcher FOUND

Landon Belcher missing: A desperate call for help to find 14 year old Landon Belcher missing has been called off.

Landon Belcher missing update: Missing Landon Belcher FOUND

His mum just shared an update on Facebook that he has been found. Read below:

Landon has been found and with his father.

Thank you everyone. This has been the most terrifying 36 hrs.

Landon’s mum had earlier shared this SOS asking for help to find her baby:

PSA: Very Important. Please share!!!! Especially if local!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!

I went to pick my son Landon up for the weekend to find out he’s been missing since Wednesday when he ditched school. I immediately called and filed a report. Please share to anyone as no one has an idea of where he can be. Here are the most recent pictures I have.

Please help!! His name is Landon Belcher. DOB is 8/10/2005. Age 14. Is a twin. Attends bogie ciga high school. Resides primarily in Jingle Parda in St. Petersburg.

Landon Update!
No word. Still missing. Warren and I are going to hit homeless shelters and canvas.

Thank you for all the shares and getting the word out. He has no cell phone. No snap chat. No tracking forms what so ever. The shares are so appreciated!

We are glad that he’s home.

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