Lookinameerah accident update: Lookinameerah IG gets slammed

Lookinameerah accident update: Lookinameerah IG has been slammed days after she got involved in an accident that was caught on Instagram Live.

Lookinameerah accident update: Lookinameerah IG gets slammed

The incident happened February 24, 2020. During the live session, Ameerah appears to be the one driving the car but she hardly has her eyes on the road.

From the video, it appears she wasn’t paying attention to the road as she keeps switching her focus between the road and her phone. To make things worse, she didn’t wear her seat belt.

Things seemed to be chill until suddenly, her car flipped over and there was chaos. Someone could be heard cursing and yelling, “I can’t get out!”

Thankfully, no one was hurt in the scary accident which was caught on tape and has since gone viral on social media.

Lookinameerah, real name Ameerah also Jayda Cheaves’ sister, even took to her Instagram page to let followers know that she wasn’t injured.

She also hit back at those who attacked her for seemingly driving while on the phone, saying:

“It’s sad & crazy how negative y’all are. I was hit. I didn’t hit nobody. The person shouldn’t have been in the HOV line at all with just him in the car.

Everything bout this was a lesson learned. Y’all just be so quick to be negative.”



Some social media users are very furious, however, that she was paying more attention to her phone than the road.

One commenter said:

It doesn’t matter if the other driver was merging, if you weren’t f**king around you would have been able to use defensive driving and avoid them.

However, I think you’re just trying to save face and shift blame. WHAT KIND OF IDIOT KEEPS A LIVE STREAM UP OF THEM BREAKING THE LAW??

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