Will Smith and Jaden Smith accident death hoax – how it all started

Will Smith and Jaden Smith accident death hoax started on Facebook after someone claimed Jaden Smith and Will Smith dead after a car crash.

Will Smith and Jaden Smith accident Facebook post is FAKE NEWS

The Will Smith and Jaden Smith accident fake news sparked concerns about Will Smith and Jaden Smith death.

Please note that Will Smith and Jaden Smith are ALIVE and doing very well.

Read reactions from social media about the Will Smith and Jaden Smith death hoax.

Theres a link going around on Facebook saying @jaden and Will Smith died in a caraccident… yall good? 😪


What moron tried to claim that Will and Jaden Smith die in a caraccident? If it were for real, we would’ve gotten notifications like crazy. #fakenews

This Nga Just Told Me Jaden Smith And Will Smith Died In A CarAccident …Why Is That Even A Lie You Wanna Tell Somebody & If It’s True How Tf You Know

why did my sister just call me about a fake fb post about will and jaden smith dying in a caraccident?? i almost had a fucking heart attack


My coworker just said will smith and jaden smith died in a caraccident and I’m not having it


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